Solar Irrigation Systems

KaabTech Project

This is a SomLite initiative founded by two Brandeis Students, Abdishakur Ahmed '20 and Artdeansyah Utama Dilaga '20.  KaabTech aims to provide reliable and affordable solar irrigation energy-systems to smallholder farmers in Somaliland. Climate change has made rainfall unpredictable and unreliable, leaving farmers to rely on groundwater for farming. In order to harvest this groundwater, farmers currently use diesel-powered irrigation pumps which are both very expensive and unreliable.

KaabTech is dedicated to tapping into existing technology to meet local irrigation energy needs. Our battery-less, high quality, solar water pump aims to meet the energy needs of smallholder farmers in Somaliland. To make these products affordable, KaabTech offers financing options that will enable customers to purchase these systems on an installment basis.

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Solar pump being installed