Mapping Covid19 in Somalia

Covid19 confirmed cases.jpg

Map 1 (above this text) shows confirmed cases of Covid19 in Somalia. As can be seen, most cases are concentrated in Banadir region, especially Mogadishu city, which is the capital city of Somalia. The number of confirmed cases in the Banadir region is 1,036, 73% of total cases.  Data used for this map is from the Somalia Ministry of Health.   

Som Health Sites and Pop.jpg

Somalia is a country recovering from prolonged civil war and its health systems are very underdeveloped. Map 2 (above this text) shows health centers in Somalia and population density per region. As can be seen, there are only 14 specialized hospitals in the entire country according to recent data.


The map also show other health sites such as pharmacies and clinics. Others represent small health services such as dentists. However, it's not clear if all these hospitals and other health sites have the necessary medical facilities to respond to the Covid19 outbreak. Areas with higher covid19 confirmed cases, have higher population density.     

Covid19  hotspots.jpg

Map 3 (above this text) shows hotspots of the virus and the availability of health centers. Generally, these are more hospitals concentrated in areas where there are high cases that is because these locations are urban centers with a higher density of population. And health services mostly happened to be in urban cities.  


According to Somalia's Ministry of Health, the total current confirmed cases are 1,421. The number of active cases is 1,213. The number of recovered people is 152. And the total death is 56. These figures are figures reported present day, May 17, 2020.