About us


SomLite is a social enterprise that its mission is to make high-quality solar lighting accessible and affordable for rural communities in the Horn of Africa. We began operations in 2016 and have now distributed over 3,000 solar lamps and home kits to off-grid communities across Somaliland.

SomLite utilizes mobile money technology to allow for incremental payments so that clients who would have been deterred by the up-front cost of a solar unit are now able to light their homes and small business with ease. Our regional networks of sales agents have created employment in rural villages and allowed us to reach those who will benefit the most from solar technology.


How it works:


Customer makes a payment through Telesom's mobile

Money platform

Somlite-Payment-Process 2.png

We generate a key code and send it to the customer through Angaza's platform

Somlite-Payment-Process 3.png

Customer enters the key

code on the product

Somlite-Payment-Process 4.png

Product is unlocked

and ready to use